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January 21, 2005

I Sum Rapin Puddin Pops
Police Probe Allegation Against Bill Cosby
Attorney Walter Phillips said he spoke Thursday with authorities in Pennsylvania who told him they have begun an investigation. He would not discuss the specifics of the allegation -- which he called "utterly preposterous" -- but said it amounts to, at the most, "inappropriate touching."
Rape MeIt's Friday. Fuck this blog. This blog can eat shit, at least until next week. Still, I wanted to continue my weekday stint of posting to this shit. I'm on a fuckin' roll. And I don't wanna kill my momentum just yet, or throw a shitty ass rerun at you. I'm saving that shit for when I really, really don't give a fuck. Luckily, Cosby old crusty ass has helped in this endeavor. Because I had nothing. I was bone dry, and then I wake up to hear that Bill Cosby might have raped somebody. Just perfect.

Remember when that illegitimate child popped back up some years ago, how ole' Cosby denied that shit. Well, we all know, deep in our hearts, that that kid is his. You just don't put anybody's kid through college and shit. And then we found out he cheated on his strong beautiful black woman with a, I dare say, with a WHITE WOMAN!

I was shocked. I grew up with Cosby all up in my grill with his nice upper-middle class television family, which seemed to mirror his actually family life, schoolin' a brother on the vegetables and the puddin'. I respected his old ass. Then I found out about the, WHITE WOMAN! I can't tell you how shocked I was. That crusty Cosby bastard should have had that Huxtable bastard bangin a White Woman on the side. Would have made that show more believable.

Now I find out he's molesting chicks. And after he gets all up in everybody's shit talking about poor black people don't raise their kids right. Looks like his mama and daddy must have not raised him right. That beyotch wanna front at the NAACP, talking that shit, blah - blah - blahin' all over the fuckin' place, talking about how the lower class blacks have failed the middle and upper class blacks when it comes to the civil rights movement and education. Beyotch wanna act like poor blacks didn't march, didn't die for the cause. Beyotch, the poor didn't fail your upper-middle class ass, you failed your upper-middle class ass. In fact, you failed the entire black race by cheating on your strong educated black woman with a WHITE WOMAN and having a fuckin' baby with her, and lying about that shit when you got caught. Your puddin' poppin ass failed us all. And you keep failing us, as long as you live.

That's why in light of the current allegations, I suggest Bill Cosby do the honorable thing, the Japanese thing, and kill himself. That's right. Commit Sucide. Commit suicide, Bill, and save us all from the embarrassment of knowing and once loving your rapin', molesting, adulterous, WHITE WOMAN bangin ass. As of now, officially, you don't mean shit. You don't mean shit. And you should just die. You crusty ole' bastard.
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Blogger Zodiac Digital said...

"and then I wake up to hear that Bill Cosby might have raped somebody. Just perfect."
quote of the day.

i shouldnt find it funny that he cheated with a WHITE WOMAN and molested random chicks, but i almost do. almost.

7:59 PM  

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