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February 24, 2005

Bastards. Sons-of-beyotches say I owe'em. They say I owe'em three fuckin' cents. That's right, three fuckin cents. They holdin' my shit hostage until I pay'em. All because you assholes needed to look at titties and ass. Assholes. I'm done with you. No more love for you. No more love for anybody. Only hate. I only got hate and venom left for you assholes. That's why I'll never give you shit like this ever again. Fuck you. We are now enemies.

Had to spend the whole fuckin' week setting up a new site to traffic my shit through. Fuckin' dns errors and bullshit. I wasn't able to converse with my peeps like I wanted. Now, I never wanna talk to you assholes ever again. I hate you like Satan hates Jesus. Except I'm Jesus, turning over shit, having wet dreams about reformed hoes. Or former children with destiny.

I had this dream last night. Me and Beyonce were girlfriend and boyfriend. And she wanted a baby really bad. She used to have her best friend over all the time, Kelly. Me, Beyonce and Kelly would chill out in the bedroom and hang and talk and do shit. Beyonce and Kelly were really close. You know what kind of close I'm talking about. And Beyonce, one night, after having sex with me, took the used condom I had thrown in the trash, and used one of those turkey juicer thingies, and sucked the love juice out of the condom, and squirted it in her womanly parts. And she went and got herself pregnant with my kid.

She told me she was pregnant. And I wondered how she got pregnant, especially since I used a condom. And I figured it out, that she had sucked my stuff out the condom and put it in her. I was devastated. How could Beyonce do a brother like that. But I stayed with her. And I took her down to the City Hall and married her ass. Then, right before the baby was due, she leaves and takes her ass back to Texas. Now, her parents can't stand me, because I got their little girl pregnant. And they're hating on me, stopping me from visiting her. So, I stay my ass up north, at least until the baby's due. Then I go down to Texas, but I can't stay with her. So, I stay with Kelly. And Kelly comforts me. And one day, we up and have some freaky sex.

Now the babies due. And I go to the hospital. Everybody's there. Beyonce has my child, a baby girl. I hold her for awhile. Then, I go and be with Beyonce. I stay for another month. Then, I decide to head back up north, and hopefully never see the kid again. I send money and shit, but I never see the kid again. Now I do this shit because I know how fucked up I am, and I should never hold the life of another human being in my hands. I decide that Beyonce and my kid would be better off if I didn't fight for them. Let Beyonce find another man, a good man, a man who can take care of her and her baby. Because I know I can never be that person.
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Blogger Zodiac Digital said...

yo beyonce! im a good man...shit. im a great man.

7:29 PM  

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